Joe Roe


Joe Roe Coaching - Mission & Vision



"Embracing Mental Health Equality"

"Coaching you as a person, on your own unique personal journey, rather than any Mental Health label. Here right for you, to achieve your own specific positive goals and aspirations, to live a full authentic life of purpose."

Long Term Vision

Aim high!

Promote awareness of Mental Health and Wellness, especially Bipolar and the value of coaching for people, loved ones, family, friends and work colleagues.

Deeply inspire others, to make a positive and meaningful difference to humanity and the world via media and motivational speaking.

To work with a positive innovative and supportive network, to achieve this vision.

To educate, inspire and encourage other Coaches and Professionals, so that coaching is more readily recognised and available for individuals and familys, as a framework for Mental Health and Wellness, especially Bipolar - in areas such as the Health Care and in the Workplace.

To Coach High Profile Clients with Bipolar, as part of their Mental Wellness and their dreams, as a personal ambition and as a pathway to promote Bipolar and the value of coaching on a bigger scale.