Joe Roe

Joe Roe Coaching Testimonials


"I first started coaching with Joe, when I was having a difficult time at work and my life revolved around my job. Since then coaching has made me re-evaluate what is important to me and what I want to achieve in my life. Although I've only had a few sessions with her, so far, she has helped me overcome redundancy, I've create an impressive cv, sort out my finances and gained my dream job. I spend more time now with the people who mean the most to me and focus my attention on what is important to me. I have also realised a few things about myself and how I can be a better me. The best thing is, I came to the conclusions all by myself! Joe helps me see the obvious and with her help I get to live, rather than just attend. Thanks heaps for everything you have done for me."

Amy – East Midlands



"Whilst I knew that my sessions with Joe would be helpful, I did not expect them to have the profound impact that they did. Joe's calm and encouraging approach made it easy for me to reflect on my goals and aspirations and to take an objective stance in recognising any hurdles and barriers to achieving my goals. I found the priorities activity, particularly helpful in identifying the areas of my life that I am pleased with and those that require further attention.

I realised that the key to achieving my goals was to address my fear of failure. After discussions with Joe it became apparent that my 'greatest failures' were at the root of my greatest achievements. Joe was skilled in identifying key words that captured my personal values and motivation. Those words have stuck in my mind and I find them jumping to my aid if I find myself feeling lost or overwhelmed. One exercise completed in the last session was 'anchoring'.

In previous sessions I realised that the feeling that I ordinarily associate with anxiety and fear was the same feeling that I also associate with running a race, I realised that I just had to change the way that I viewed that sensation in order to get the most benefit. The anchoring session helped to 'bottle' that feeling and it continues to amaze me that I can access this myself at any time, as if motivation and encouragement are on tap! Not only does Joe offer a font of knowledge and resources, she has the ability to make a person feel comfortable, relaxed, engaged and open to really utilising the session for great personal gain.

I attended each session in the full knowledge that Joe had reflected on the previous session and had tailored each exercise to me, whilst also being flexible to my needs on the day of the session. Her kind and empathetic approach does not fail to make an impact and I am very grateful for all the encouragement, support and assistance that Joe gave to me. In addition, as a person with Bipolar Disorder myself, Joe was able to understand some of the challenges I face, and she managed to frame them in such a way that they did not present a barrier to change.

I credit that to Joe's ability to relate to and empower people, as well as having the skills to simplify problems into manageable and achievable steps"

Rachel – Farnsfield - Newark



"I went to see Joe for some coaching. What can I! What a shift in mindset. I felt empowered that 'I' can do whatever I set my mind to. We tried several different techniques. The most prominent one for me was a visualisation session. Joe talked me through the process where I thought back to a time in my life where I have felt on top of the world. I did so, and felt very safe and secure. What I didn't expect was that when I was to open my eyes, I literally burst into happy tears. It brought out such emotions in me, that I didn't know were in there. I found the whole process very intriguing and have used it to remind myself when in moments of doubt that you can in-fact do what you set your mind to.

Another thing that I would like to share is how I used this technique and how that has literally cured my fear of needles over-night. I have always feared injections, from as long as I can remember - even after having 2 children with the countless amount of blood tests, which made this phobia worse not better. After having a session with Joe, the next day within my role as a support worker I had to attend a doctor's appointment with the lady I care for - FOR A BLOOD TEST!! horror, I initially thought!! So, I decided to try out the technique we had done together and instantly the positive feeling I had felt whilst doing the session with Joe was back. I watched the whole blood test, from start to finish and didn't even feel slightly faint. One word Joe - Fantastic!! Thank you so much for the experience, and I wish you well in succeeding to assist others to achieve extraordinary things"

Natasha – Chesterfield – Derbyshire



"My recent life coaching sessions with Joe have resulted in a clear vision for the future and have helped me to put things into perspective. Joe is very friendly, warm and approachable and listens attentively which in turn makes for a very relaxing atmosphere in which to talk openly. The structure of the sessions were really meaningful and have helped me realise my goals and values for the future. On further reflection I can say it has been a truly positive and enjoyable experience. I have taken something away from each individual session to implement in my job and also my personal life. It has given me inspiration and lots of ideas on how to get the most out of my time at work and how to put these ideas into practice within my new Managerial role. Will certainly be pursuing more sessions in the future and I would gladly recommend Joe to anybody for Life Coaching. Thankyou Joe."

Karen – Sheffield -South Yorkshire



"I was ready to make some changes in my life and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have some Life Coaching sessions with Joe Roe, which were excellent - helpful, meaningful, enlightening and exciting. Joe obviously really enjoys what she's doing as she glows, which makes you want to be as happy as she is. She was very attentive and really listened, to understand what kind of techniques would work best for me. She helped me to clarify my ideas / wants, see paths that are possible, increased my focus and made me excited to achieve my outcomes. I had previously tried visioning on my own, but had limited success. Using techniques that suited me, we did the visioning together and the results were amazing! It was the first time I could envision and feel things around me. I was there! Also, with the many times I have thought of this scenario, I have always been looking at it from a distance, from inside a house. The visioning experience with Joe was so real and happy for me that in it, I went outside and participated. I was surprised and thrilled with this result. The Life Coaching experience with Joe has made me feel more confident, positive about myself, my abilities and my future. We worked on a couple of areas of my life where I was ready to make changes and I know that I will be able to apply what I've learned to other areas too, when the time is right for me. The previous sentence is true but it doesn't express the continuous excitement and positive energy that I am full of now, when I consider changes and a future of possibilities.

Kelly – East Midlands