Joe Roe

The success of my Clients so far...

Coaching my lovely clients, has enhanced the quality of their lives. Using their own amazing resourcefulness, to achieve their significant and compelling outcomes.


Road to Success


Overcoming phobia of injections/needles

Positively facing redundancy

Gaining their dream job

Controlling anxiety and panic attacks

Sorting out their finances

Gaining promotion to a Manager role

Removing the feeling of being overwhelmed

Simplify achievable goals

Re-evaluate and priorities what is important in life and areas to work on

Healthy life style plan's - including weight gain from side-effects of medication

Managing stress in the workplace

Better work life balance, to spend time focused on what is important to them

Positive, comfortable and confident in own skin, as part of their body image

Improved work and personal relationships

Empowering own shift in mind, to achieve anything they wish

Motivate and encourage self by taking ownership and acting on goals

Better time management

Getting to live, rather than attend

Removing self-limiting beliefs to achieve goals

Increased self-worth Becoming a better version of own self

Finding their authentic self

Removing habits

Conflict resolution

Calm nerves at interview

Realising their own dreams