Joe Roe


Joe Roe's Journey

Joe RoeI am Joe Roe and I am a partner, sister, daughter and Coach. I am an animal lover too. I am a Qualified Coach, achieving a Coaching Diploma and an NLP Practitioner. Both are Accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP), of which I am a Member of (MNCP). Being on my own Bipolar journey does not define me as a person. I have had 2 serious Manic Bipolar Episodes. I view this as a gift for my joyful future. I have the credibility of being coached myself as part of my Mental Wellness to remain balanced and grounded, whilst fulfilling my goals and aspirations in life. I intuitively know this is my true natural path of purpose for me, to serve as a Mental Wellness and Specialist Bipolar Coach. I have previously had General Anxiety Disorder, Stress, Depression and Chronic Fatigue, so have my own personal experiences of other ill health.

Tim and JoeI love spending time with my fiancé and he makes me laugh every day. He has been 100% supportive with my Bipolar and his belief in me as part of my Wellness and future is incredible. We are both extremely lucky to have a big family, who we love dearly. I am a sociable person and love my friends. I like to have positive people around me.

I went to college to study leisure gaining relevant qualifications in this area and worked as a life guard. I am a people watcher, so was a good excuse to observe human behaviour. I did save a few lives along the way too! I went on, to work for the Council in Customer Services. Within 6 months I was promoted into a Senior role and within 12 months I was in a Management role. I worked in that role 12 years. I especially loved developing people. I gained several relevant Qualifications and was inspired to become a Coach for the Institute of Customer Service as an additional side line to my role. I coached many people to achieve Customer Service Awards at different levels and I also achieved the highest Award of Innovations too. This is where my love of coaching started and my Management approach was very much a coaching style.

I love all different types of music. My favourite artist is Prince, however I enjoy Festivals so like a range of artists and bands. I enjoy house music too, including Fat Boy Slim and Pete Tong. I love chill out music abroad, when sitting in bars, around the pool or on the beach. I enjoy going to tribute bands too such as Elvis, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston. Any music that I can sing, clean, dance, bathe or relax to really!

Joe Roe SunsetI love sunsets, especially at Ibiza. I love what nature has to offer. I love flowers and rainbows and looking at the stars. I love caravanning and chocolate and champagne, ok prosecco then!! I love food! Joe Roe Tapas, Italian, Sunday Dinners, Mexican, Chinese, Full English Breakfast, or my all-time go to comfort meal…… beans on toast. I'm easily pleased! I also ensure I get my daily brain and mood food smoothies, vitamins and minerals.

I love decorative glass art, black and white photos, inspiring quotes, affirmations, images of old toys I played with in the 80's to reminisce on playful childhood memories, picture or photos of rainbow colours and visiting antique shops. Nice to meet you!!

 Joe Roe