Joe Roe


Discovering Coaching

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is for anybody and everybody. You, loved ones, family, friends and work colleagues.

What is coaching?

Well, coaching is a conversation. As a Qualified Coach, using a range of powerful and effective tools, models and techniques. Tapping into your resourcefulness, allowing you to be empowered to explore the answers within you.

Working through your beliefs, values and behaviours, to truly understand and appreciate your authentic self. Acting as an enabler, for you to make informed good decisions about the positive changes and actions you are wishing to make in your life.


What is coaching?Each session is tailored to your unique individual journey, goals and aspirations, whilst remaining flexible and open to your requirements.

Fully embracing and gaining ownership of coaching, will add positive value and impressive results to your life.

These inspiring sessions, can then lead to your unique successful achievements, extraordinary changes, positive transformations and profound outcomes, whilst being mindful of your wellbeing.


Benefits, value, rewards and results of coaching

Benefits and Values Establish meaningful goals

Clarity and vision of positive actions

Reach and achieve your goals

Gain perspective and make greater decision

Greater understanding of self

Recognition of own skills and strengths

Increased confidence

Stronger self-belief

Better work life balance

Better personal and professional relationships

Overcome habits, nerves, fears and phobias

As you read the testimonials, you will notice the effective positive value of coaching and proven impressive real results of coaching.